Santa Ana Department of Natural Resources

The Pueblo of Santa Ana is located in Sandoval County, New Mexico, approximately 20 miles north of Albuquerque in the Upper Middle Rio Grande Valley. The Pueblo's lands encompass over 79,000 contiguous acres of trust and reservation land, much of which is undeveloped.

Tribal Government created the Santa Ana Department of Natural Resources (SADNR) in 1996 to develop and implement natural resource management programs that protect, preserve, and enhance natural resources for current and future tribal members. In the years that followed, the Pueblo expanded SADNR and developed five core divisions: Water Resources; Bosque Restoration; Range/Wildlife; Environmental Education & Community Outreach; and Geographic Information Systems & IT Management. These divisions' primary objective is to provide the Pueblo's leadership with information and options for natural resource management. The SADNR Internship Program provides work and training opportunities for Santa Ana tribal members interested in pursuing careers in natural resource-related fields. As part of each of its Divisions, SADNR has employed Santa Ana tribal members for environmental monitoring and technical support.

Santa Ana Wildlife Corridor Presentation