Environmental Education Division

As SADNR became familiar with resource protection issues on the reservation, it became clear that environmental protection could only happen with support from a well-informed community. What also became clear was that few people on the reservation were well informed about environmental or natural resources issues and that few tribal members worked professionally in the environmental sciences or natural resources fields. In response, the SADNR began an Environmental Education and Community Outreach Program (EE/CO) to provide information to the entire community through a variety of media. Since 1999, the EE/CO coordinator has distributed quarterly newsletters to the community, organized activities with the Head Start program, instituted After School programs with students K-12, facilitated classes and field trips with the tribal elders, and organized six environmental career fairs and six environmental fairs for the entire community.

Past community events have been collaborative efforts involving the Santa Ana Dept. of Education, Santa Ana Wellness Program, Bernalillo Public Schools, Bureau of Indian Affairs Schools, and federal trust agencies. Community workshops sponsored by the SADNR have been well-attended by community members