GIS & IT Links

Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
Developers of ArcGIS. This is the software we use for managing spatial data, producing maps, and performing spatial and 3D analysis.

Leica Geosystems
Developers of ERDAS Imagine. This is the software we use to manipulate and process remotely sensed data such as aerial photography and satellite imagery.

Trimble Navigation
Producers of Pathfinder and GeoExplorer Global Positioning Systems (GPS) equipment and software. We use Trimble GPS equipment to collect field data and export it into our GIS.

BOXX Technologies
Producers of high-performance workstations. We use BOXX workstations in our GIS because of their power, speed, and stability.

Providers of satellite imagery. We use DigitalGlobe QuickBird satellite imagery products because of their high resolution and image quality.