Oneseed Juniper Density Reduction Project

The Pueblo, in collaboration with the USFS, BIA, and NRCS, developed a project that reduces the density of oneseed juniper (Juniperus monosperma) from areas where it has encroached significantly. Following initial juniper density reduction, the Pueblo will reintroduce prescribed fire as a management tool to promote watershed health. This low impact project involves manually thinning up to seventy-five percent of juniper trees from over 2,200 acres, scattering slash to promote herbaceous vegetation recruitment, and extracting salvageable fuel wood and providing it to the Pueblo community. The project reduces the probability and consequences of catastrophic wildfire and improves overall watershed health. Since the project's inception in March 2004, the juniper thinning crew has reduced the density of juniper trees from over 780 acres, two sixty acre parcels have been burned, and over 210 cords of fuel wood have been dispersed.

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