Santa Ana Mesa EQIP Project

The Santa Ana Mesa EQIP Project is a collaborative effort between the NRCS (Environmental Quality Incentives Program), USACE, and the Pueblo. The project affects approximately 30,000 acres of rangeland and consists of installing fence lines, solar-powered wells, waterlines, and wildlife and livestock drinkers. In addition, the project includes grassland restoration by controlling woody species encroachment, specifically cane cholla (Opuntia imbricata). Overall, the project provides infrastructure for managing livestock activities and helps improve the condition of habitats across the mesa platform.

Specific activities associated with the Santa Ana Mesa EQIP Project include installing 17 miles of fence lines, 14.5 miles of water lines, 3 solar-powered wells, 15 troughs, and 13 wildlife drinkers. In addition, cane cholla densities will be reduced across more than 1,100 acres of Short Grass Steppe, which will promote herbaceous vegetation recruitment and help reduce overland erosion.

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